Everyday (I Believe in You)

from by Brett Allen Gregory

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Everyday (I Believe in You) (written 2000, recorded 03/2011) I do believe in God and this song is my way of saying thank you to Him for believing in me. (Guitar: 1911 Gibson L-1, My Grandpa Bobbert's 1930's No Name Ukulele, Solo Guitar 2008 Regal RD40M resonator )


Everyday, I get a little more ahead
Everyday, I get a little something right
Everyday, I get a little closer to the end
Everyday one step closer to the days I’ll spend with you.

Everyday, everyday, I get a little bit behind
Everyday, everyday, I keep runnin’ out of time
Everyday I keep runnin’, just to catch up to where I was
Everyday your love saves me with the grace of the Lord

I Believe, we’ve all been on that midnight train
I Believe, in a bit of darkness thru our veins
I Believe, there’s a reason for all the rain
I believe that’s when I find you holding me once again.

I Believe, I Believe that your love remains true
I Believe, I Believe in this light that shines from you
I Believe you stand by me tho all the things I put you thru
I Believe your love saves me, touching grace thru you.

Everyday everyday Lord I Believe in You
I believe that your love will see me thru
Theres a prayer in my heart that I keep just for you
“Everyday I believe Lord, I Believe in You”


In you is a light that shines like home
In you I find my faith as I grow old
In you I find hope for all of us
In you I have found love and in you I place my trust

In you in you I’ve learned faith is a two way street
In you I believe, and you believe in me
and when you get a little lonesome Lord I know just what you might need
I’ll sing you a song of Love and Grace just like you sang to me
I’ll sing you a song of Love and Grace, remind you that I believe.

Everyday everyday Lord I Believe in You
I believe that our love will see us thru
Theres a song in my heart that I sing just for you
“Everyday I believe Lord, I believe in You
Everyday I believe, I believe, believe in you”


from Tales of The Bed Yam, released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Brett Allen Gregory Livermore, California

I've always been compelled to write.

Early on it was journaling and poetry, but then that merged with my guitar addiction to become songwriting.

The process was always a bit manic, pressured, as if a large gorilla had stepped into my room, grabbed me by the lapels and said, "I will not let you sleep until you write this idea down." And so for years the gorilla and I danced madly thru the night.
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