Say It Ain't So

from by Brett Allen Gregory

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Say it Aint So (written 02/2005, recorded 03/2005)This song started off as a bass riff which you will hear being played by Grandpa (thats the name of the acoustic bass I bought in the Philippines - I name all my guitars dont you know?) Grandpa couldnt be tuned up because it wasn't built very well but then one day three of my friends came running thru my room and the first one knocked Gpa down and the other two following him stepped all over it and broke Gpa's neck. I was devastated but it turned out to be a blessing because I was able to re-glue the neck in better and all of a sudden, Grandpa could tune up and play! The lyrics just evolved pretty quickly around the bass riff once I got the chords figured out.

The line, "Pale washed out colors" comes from something Tina (my wife) remarked to me about how she hates to stay up all night and then watch the sun come up. When ever she hears this song she says" That's My Line!!!"

After I recorded it, I thought I really should have done the false ending in an Elvis voice but it was too late. You can however watch the video where I followed thru with that idea! Dead Elvis even makes an appearance! Look on youtube for user moondoggiebedyam

(Guitars: 2001 Takamine CD132SC Nylon string guitar, 2001 Regal Duolian, & my Acoustic Bass from the Philippines.)


Say it ain’t so
You say that our love’s run out of time
Say it ain’t so
But you turn to go
And you won’t be mine.

There’s some things that are better left unsaid
But it’s dangerous silent voices in your head
Talk to me come on tell me what went wrong
But don’t look at me that way like you don’t know what’s going on

It’s a lonely old night a long ride home
Got my hands upon the wheel turn the radio on
There’s a red headed stranger and blue eyes crying in the rain
It don’t matter what I do, there ain’t nothing feels the same

Say it ain’t so
You say that our love’s run out of time
Say it ain’t so
But you turn to go
And you won’t be mine.

Lead Solo

Nothing like the sunrise when you been up all night
Pale washed out colors in a world a little too bright
Close the blinds and shut my eyes and pour one last shot of sleep
Now I won’t be too surprised with every promise that you don’t keep

Where did it go?
Guess I just slipped right off your mind
How could I Know
Till you turn to go
And left me behind

Say it ain’t so
but you turn to go
and you won’t be mine
you wont be mine
you wont be mine

false ending then pick back up with half time ELVIS feel

You turn to go and you won’t be mine


from Tales of The Bed Yam, released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Brett Allen Gregory Livermore, California

I've always been compelled to write.

Early on it was journaling and poetry, but then that merged with my guitar addiction to become songwriting.

The process was always a bit manic, pressured, as if a large gorilla had stepped into my room, grabbed me by the lapels and said, "I will not let you sleep until you write this idea down." And so for years the gorilla and I danced madly thru the night.
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