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500 Miles (written 9/1998, recorded 2/2011) This song sprang from my memories of driving home in my old 1970 Triumph TR6, Texas to California, after first enlistment finished with US Air Force 1992. There was this huge storm that followed me out of Texas. Excited to be headed back home to the Bay Area, I drove almost non-stop night and day, but then as the sun was coming up on the last day of the trip, I just had to pull over into a hotel parking lot, lean over into the passenger seat and fall asleep for awhile. Guitar 2002 Breedlove C25


I can feel this storm a coming, like a slow moving train
A thunder cloud in the distance, spilling over with rain
I best get these wheels back on the tracks and move my self along
I got 500 miles to get back home I got 500 miles to get back home

A pale full moon followed me the night I left
It’s that moon shining in my veins it don’t let me get no rest
this guitar on my back I walked this way alone
now just 500 miles till I get home

Some say it’s the road that leads you astray some say its just the night
or the stars spinning around your head that make you feel alright
well don’t worry about where your going all these roads were made to roam
and your heart can lead you home your heart can lead you home

With the sun rising my wings are melting and I fall to the ground
the son watching over me I close my eyes and lay my head down
one night closer to the days that I wont spend alone
not like 500 miles away from home not like 500 miles away form home

away from home
take you home
So don’t build those walls around your heart
and your heart will lead you home
will take you home
lead me home


from Tales of The Bed Yam, released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Brett Allen Gregory Livermore, California

I've always been compelled to write.

Early on it was journaling and poetry, but then that merged with my guitar addiction to become songwriting.

The process was always a bit manic, pressured, as if a large gorilla had stepped into my room, grabbed me by the lapels and said, "I will not let you sleep until you write this idea down." And so for years the gorilla and I danced madly thru the night.
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